ATTENTION: Travel Tryouts Finishing!

This is the FINAL WEEK of Tryouts!


Tryouts this week are as follows:
Grade 2 Boys: Tuesday, June 14, 5:00pm
Grade 4 Boys: Tuesday, June 14, 6:00pm
ALL MAKEUPS: Wednesday, June 15, 5:00pm

Tuesday tryouts are held at Plumbrook Field, 250 Potwine Lane Amherst

Wednesday tryouts are held at East Street Field
East Street is across from East Street Commons and Fort River School.


If you need assistance with tryouts, please email Program Manager Moe Mooney at

Please answer the questions asked during the registration process honestly. We especially need to know if there is a significant chance that your child would not play if selected. We promise that your answer will not hurt their chance to make an AYSA team. The reason we ask is so that we can get a realistic idea of how many interested players we have at each age level when we decide whether to field more than one team.