Winter/Indoor Soccer Options

Hello AYSA Families,

I wanted to touch base with you and explain some of the benefits and options available to soccer players during this upcoming winter season.

Many of our players, new and experienced, have done a great job in building their skills and learning the game this season. I hope families can take advantage of some of the indoor soccer options available that will help our AYSA players stay connected with the game of soccer (listed below).

As you have noticed, playing soccer uses different skills. Unlike in other sports, soccer players use their feet to control, pass, shoot, chip, crosses while running with the ball and making decisions. Honestly, these are all hard skills to master but as you can see, possible. Great credit to you parents and to your child for falling in love with such a beautiful and complex sport.  Falling in love with the game is to appreciate the skill development of using both feet, gaining the understanding of space and the anticipation of movement on the field.

Everyone involved with AYSA  has done a great job and credit goes out to all for the great work in achieving our recent success.  For all the work done by everyone, please try not to put your recent developed skills on the shelf and wait to dust them back off when returning in the spring or next fall season.

Playing indoor soccer during the winter is a great way to stay in touch with your soccer friends and try to keep using these new and old skills. Playing indoors once a week can help you continue to learn and try your skills in a fun and fast pace way with more opportunities to touch the ball. I have included below some great options available for busy families for playing once a week for an hour with no additional practices.

Many of our travel coaches have worked hard to keep players playing soccer during the winter.  Even though AYSA is not yet in the place at the present time to organize indoor soccer teams, with Moe’s help, I have assisted  players to be placed on newly created indoor teams with other Amherst players or to keep them connected as single players with Allsport Soccer Arena in Northampton. If you want to be placed on a team as a single player, you can by using their registration:

The winter soccer indoor season at Allsport is broken into three sessions.

Session 1 starts 11/5 to 1/18  ( Playoffs 12/19 – 12/21)
Session 2 starts 12/21 ends 02/12 (playoff 02/12 -o2/17, there will be week day games during holiday weekends )
Session 3 Starts 02/15/17 ends 04/02 ( playoffs 04/03 – 04/06)

How to find a team:

IF you are on a travel team, keep checking with your teams’ coach to see if there is any option to play on an indoor team. If there is no room on an existing team, you can always check with Moe or myself and we will try to assist you in finding a team.

Indoor skill development in availability order
For ages 6-8, starting Nov 12th, every Saturday for 6 weeks session with Allsport Arena staff.

Indoor skill development with My Mobile Soccer Academy (with my staff and I)
Starting Jan 7th,  our first session for 6 weeks (scholarship available).
Pick up soccer available for all on Wednesdays

No drills, just organized pick soccer games for anyone wanting to keep playing soccer and keeping on with their soccer skills. Every Wednesday at Allsport soccer arena on the small netted field area. I  will be there on the first Wednesday to get everyone started.

Every player just bring $7 for an hour of soccer.

5-6pm for grade 2-4 grader
6-7pm  for grade 5-8 grader
7-8:30pm for High school players

Thank you all

Chris Monteiro