AYSA Equipment Recycling Exchange – Request for Contributions

Hello Soccer Families,

I’m writing to let you know about our AYSA Gear Recycling Exchange Program and with a specific request.

Our request is that everyone please take a few minutes at this time to look for your old or no longer used pairs of Cleats (including indoor foot gear for next winter), Shin Guards, Jerseys, Goalie gloves, etc. for donation to AYSA.  We want to get this going quickly so families will have access to the items in time for the season. Below is a link to the program details. Just contact us at the email or text below and we’ll make arrangements to get your items.  We’re looking for all types and sizes. We’ll be following up soon with an inventory listing of available items and how you can acquire them (For Free!).

Contact us here:
Email  aysarecycle@gmail.com 
Text     978-846-9863

I hope that this is something everyone will take part in as it will benefit our community in multiple ways.  Not only will we extend the use of items but we will also provide the opportunity to lower the expense of participation. Soccer is a great sport but it can be expensive.  Anything we can do to lower the costs associated with participation will be worthwhile. I’ve looked through my house and found six old pairs of of my son’s cleats that are not being used! They are going on the list of available items. How many items do the rest of us have?  Again, please take a few moments to see if you have anything to contribute as we need your assistance. Just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.  Let’s get this going!

All together now!

Sam MacLeod
AYSA, Vice President

DOWNLOAD: AYSA Gear Recycling Exchange 2018 Document

VIEW Available Items HERE