Time for Travel Team Tryouts!

Registration for tryouts is now open. Please see the information below that contains a link to the registration form. There is no fee to participate in tryouts.


Tryouts are held in order to place your child on the team that is most appropriate for his or her development as a soccer player. They are designed to provide your child an opportunity to show his or her current skill level and his or her potential for growth in the upcoming year. Our Director of Coaching evaluates the players based on those two qualities along several dimensions of soccer aptitude. The result of the tryout is placement in the appropriate program and on the appropriate team.


All tryouts will be held at Plumbrook Field on Potwine Lane in Amherst.


Grade levels are based on the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. (Note: U8 means under 8 years old.)

2nd Grade Girls (U8): 5/29 – 4:00-4:55

2nd Grade Boys (U8): 5/28 – 4:00-4:55

3rd Grade Girls (U9): 6/4 – 5:00-6:10

3rd Grade Boys (U9): 5/30 – 5:00-6:10

4th Grade Girls (U10): 5/28 – 5:00-6:10

4th Grade Boys (U10): 6/6 – 5:00-6:10

5th Grade Girls (U11): 5/28 – 6:20-7:30

5th Grade Boys (U11): 5/29 – 5:00-6:10

6th Grade Girls (U12): 6/4 – 4:00-4:55

6th Grade Boys (U12): 6/3 – 5:00-6:10

7th-8th Grade Girls (U13-14): 6/4 – 6:20-7:30

7th Grade Boys (U13): 5/29 – 6:20-7:30

8th Grade Boys (U14): 6/3 – 6:20-7:30


The process of trying out has several sequential steps:

  1. Register for Travel Tryouts at the appropriate age group
  2. Come to the tryout prepared and ready to play
  3. Participate in the tryout
  4. After the tryout, all of the evaluations are compiled and the players are assigned to teams
  5. The result/team placement of the player is emailed to you
  6. Register for the Fall season
  7. Rosters are created


To register for the tryout, click on the following link. There is no charge for tryouts, but all participants must be registered.


Click on the grade of your child for the 2019-2020 school year to start the form.

Coming Prepared

Arrive to the tryout 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Come dressed to play including cleats, shin guards, water, and a ball for warming up. Use the 10 minutes to stretch and get comfortable with a ball. Your ball will not be needed during the tryout itself.

What To Expect

The tryout activities are immersive and will be physically demanding. There will be rest periods and water breaks throughout. You should tell your child to try his or her hardest and demonstrate his or her maximum ability. The attending coaches will similarly encourage your child.

The tryouts are competitive among the players, but the coaches do not allow rough play. We want the players to demonstrate skill, tactical awareness, and endurance.

A parent must be present at the field for the duration of the tryout. Depending on the turnout for your child’s age group, the tryout may be concluded earlier than the scheduled end time.


We do our best to compile the results and place the players on teams quickly after the end of the tryouts. Our goal is to email the results by the end of the school year. Included in the email will be a link to register for the fall season. The window for completing your registration for the fall after the notices are sent is one week.


There are no scheduled makeup tryouts. If a tryout is postponed due to the weather, a new date will be announced.

If you have any questions, please contact Keith Payne at traveldirector@amherstsoccer.org