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AYSA – Soccer Gear Recycling/Exchange returns again this Saturday. Come on by!

Hello Soccer Families,

I’m emailing to remind you that we will again be bringing our AYSA Gear Recycling Exchange Program to Potwine Lane and Fort River this Saturday. Last week’s exchange was a great success with over 80 exchanged/recycled items including much needed cleats. Please take a few minutes at this time to look for any of your old or no longer used pairs of Cleats (including indoor foot gear for next winter), Shin Guards, Jerseys, Goalie gloves, etc. for donation to AYSA. Bring them to the fields on Satuday or simply contact us and we’ll make arrangements to acquire them. We’re looking for all types and sizes. We’ll update our inventory listing of available items on a regular basis. They are available on a first come first serve basis (For Free!).

Inventory Listing (first come first serve)
Click Here for Available Items

Contact us:
Text 978-846-9863

Recycling/Exchange- September 15th. Come on by!
** We will be setting up to distribute and collect items starting at the following times:
Plumbrook at 9:00 am- 11:00 am
Fort River at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

I hope that this is something everyone will take part in as it benefits our community in many ways. Not only are we extending the use of items but we are also providing the opportunity to lower the expense of participation. Soccer is a great sport but it can be expensive. Anything we can do to lower the costs associated with participation will be worthwhile. We’ve already recycled 80 pairs of cleats and other items this past month! How many items do the rest of us have? Again, please take a few moments to see if you have anything to contribute as we need your assistance. Just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. Let’s keep this going!

All Together Now!

Sam MacLeod
AYSA, Vice President



Hello AYSA Families!

REC Soccer opens TOMORROW, September 8.


8:30AM 1-2 Boys, Plum Brook Field
10:30AM 1-2 Girls, Plum Brook Field
10:30AM 3-8 Girls, Plum Brook Field
10:30AM 3-8 Boys, Plum Brook Field
1:00PM Pre-K Session 1, Fort River Field
2:00PM Kindergarten, Fort River Field
3:15PM Pre-K Session 2, Fort River Field


Please drive SLOWLY along roadways to the fields.
Obey parking rules.
Only park within a parking space and not on the grass.
Drive SLOWLY within the parking lot.
PLUM BROOK is ONE WAY travel. Please watch this.

Gear Exchange is happening tomorrow.
8:30am at Plum Brook
1:00pm at For River
Feel free to take what you need or donate to the inventory.
All together now!

REC Registration is OPEN!

Hello AYSA Soccer Families!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer!

We wanted to let you know that REC Soccer registration is open.

Opening Day is Saturday, September 8.
​​​​​​​Final Day is November 10. (Make up is November 11.)
Please register by September 1.

Schedule this Fall 2018: DOWNLOAD HERE

8:30am  1-2 Boys at Plumbrook Field
10:30am 1-2 Girls at Plumbrook Field
10:30am 3-8 Girls at Plumbrook Field
10:30am 3-8 Boys at Plumbrook Field
1:00pm Pre-Kickers Session 1 at Fort River Field
2:00pm Kindergarten at Fort River Field
3:15pm Pre-Kickers Session 2 at Fort River Field

Families will need a ball, cleats/shin guards, shorts/pants, water.
We provide the team shirt.

You may make friend requests during registration. Or, you may email me directly.

If you have any questions, please email me at your convenience.


🙂 Moe

Congratulations to the Undefeated Grade 8 Boys Team!

AYSA’s Undefeated Grade 8 Boys PVJSL Champions

Congratulations to the AYSA Grade 8 Boys 2018 Spring Team for an undefeated season!
This season they have won the PVJSL Grade 8 Boys Post Season Tournament Championship.
Thank you to their coaches, Head Coach Sam MacLeod, Assistant Coach Jon Wooley, and Chris Kingston, for providing inspiring and excellent leadership and mentorship.
This Team’s 8th graders will be moving on the high school soccer with most playing in the Pioneer Valley High School Summer Soccer League.
We wish them the very best!
AYSA 8th Grade Community Members

AYSA Grade 8 Boys Team and Community Members

AYSA Grade 8 Boys with Community Members


Hello Amherst Soccer Families,

The Spring season will be giving way to the Summer soon, and that means that it is time for tryouts for players wishing to join or to continue playing in the Travel Soccer program this Fall.

Please see the attached schedule and go to to register for the tryout according to the grade level of your child in the Fall. Players must register and tryout according to their Fall 2018 school grade level.

All players must register to participate in the tryouts.

If your child is currently on a team, he or she must still register and participate or he or she will not be placed on the team.

A few important points about our tryouts:

  • Players will be placed on the team that is most appropriate for their age and skill level.
  • You will be notified of the result of the tryout within approximately two weeks from their tryout date.
  • All players are required to attend the first date listed and ready to attend the second one . The second date is for callbacks only
  • The result of the first tryout may be a call back for a second tryout.

Our Director of Coaching, Chris Monteiro, will be guiding and evaluating the players during the tryout. Players can expect to participate in drills and competitive activities, both individually and in groups or teams.

Required to bring for your tryout:
Soccer ball of the appropriate size for your child’s current age.
Soccer cleats
Shin guards

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Moe Mooney, our Program Manager or Keith Payne, our Travel Director, at the email addresses below:

Moe Mooney
Keith Payne

Thank you for continuing to be a part of the AYSA family.


Keith Payne
Travel Director, Amherst Youth Soccer Association

Schedule Below:

GRADE 2 Boys:
Monday, June 4, 5:00-6:10PM (FIRST TRYOUT OF TWO)
Friday, June 8, 5:00-6:10PM (SECOND TRYOUT OF TWO)

GRADE 3 Boys:
Thursday, May 31, 5:00-6:10PM (FIRST TRYOUT OF TWO)
Sunday, June 3, 4:00-5:00PM (SECOND TRYOUT OF TWO)

GRADE 4 Boys:
Sunday, June 3, 6:20-7:20PM (FIRST TRYOUT OF TWO)
Friday, June 8, 6:20-7:30PM (SECOND TRYOUT OF TWO)

GRADE 5 Boys: Wednesday, May 30, 6:20-7:30PM

GRADE 6 Boys:
Tuesday, May 29, 6:20-7:30PM (FIRST TRYOUT OF TWO)
Sunday, June 10, 4:00-5:00PM (SECOND TRYOUT OF TWO)

GRADE 7 Boys:Tuesday, May 29 5:00-6:10PM
GRADE 8 Boys:Tuesday, June 5 6:20-7:30PM

Grade 2 Girls:  Friday, June 1, 5:00-6:10PM/Wednesday, June 6, 6:20PM
Grade 3 Girls:  Friday, June 1, 6:20-7:30PM
Grade 4 Girls:  Sunday, June 3, 5:10-6:10PM
Grade 5 Girls:  Wednesday, June 6, 5:00-6:10PM
Grade 6 Girls:  Tuesday, June 5, 5:00-6:10PM
Grade 7 Girls:  Monday, June 4, 6:20-7:30PM
Grade 8 Girls:  Thursday, June 7, 5:00-6:10PM

AYSA Afternoon REC Cancelled

Hello AYSA Families,

Afternoon REC sessions have been cancelled due to rain.
We hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

1:00PM Pre-K Session 1
2:00PM Kindergarten
3:15Pm Pre-K Session 2

🙂 Moe, AYSA

Community Fields Comments Wanted Tomorrow

Everything is also here:

Amherst Center Recreation Working Group with Weston and Sampson

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Town Room, Town Hall
4 Boltwood Avenue, Amherst MA

Residents are invited to comment and provide ideas on the concept plans being presented by Weston & Sampson for the community fields improvement project.