Policy on Recreation League Team Formation

The AYSA seeks to create a team formation process for the Recreation League guided by the following principles:

  • The process for team formation is easily and efficiently administered
  • The process is fair to players in allowing some choice of teammates
  • Players have the experience of playing for several different coaches over the course of their participation in the program as well as meeting new teammates and allowing new friendships
  • Teams are relatively balanced so that play is fun and competitive in keeping with the spirit of the Recreation League.

The team formation process is very time and resource intensive with the several principles above sometimes coming into conflict in administering the Program.

Formation of teams is the responsibility solely of the AYSA Board of Directors. The Board may delegate this responsibility to a sub-committee of the Board or to any of its officers. The Board will approve a process for team formation each season that, in its judgment, best balances and meets the principles outlined in the previous section.

Team formation for the Recreation League will be by grade level. Palayers/parents may request one friend to be on their team, and this request must be mutual. Coaches’ children, unless requested otherwise, will always be placed on their parent’s team.

Beyond the above minimum requirements, the Board, or its designees, will balance its knowledge of player strengths, team “records,” with the ability to efficiently administer the process of team formation and produce rosters. No guarantees will be made to players, parents, or coaches about team formation.

The Board may, in its sole discretion, allow specific “Town” teams to come into the League provided that the “Town” supplies the League with a designated person to serve as a “coordinator” of registration for that “Town.” This coordinator will take the full responsibility for obtaining registration (and other required) forms, fully completing forms, collecting fees as designated by the Board, and returning registration forms as the Board may direct. The Coordinator will also produce rosters for their “teams” in a format designated by the AYSA Board and will forward a copy of that roster to the Recreation League Director at least one week prior to the season. The Coordinator will also arrange for all of his/her coaches to attend Coaches meeting(s). The Coordinator will form teams of the size directed by the Recreation League and will not permit variation in roster size from the League’s limit. The Coordinator will also see that the philosophy of balanced team formation (see first section above) is followed. Players in such “Towns” coming into the League will also have the option of declining to play on their “Town” team(s) and may register in the usual manner for an AYSA formed team. No “recruiting” of players from teams formed by the AYSA Recreation League will be permitted. The AYSA Board may, from season to season, discontinue this practice if the guiding principles in the first section are judged to be compromised. Teams formed in this manner, and their coaches, will follow all other rules, policies, and procedures of the AYSA.