Travel Program

If you are interested in joining the Travel Program, please email the Travel Director.

The Travel Program allows players with advanced interest and abilities an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the game and to challenge themselves at a higher level of competition with players at the same level from surrounding towns. Travel teams may also compete in regional tournaments with teams from Massachusetts and other states.

Travel soccer is a more serious and competitive soccer program than Rec soccer. Teams typically practice once per week with our Director of Coaching (DOC), and most teams hold a second weekly practice. There are typically 2 games per week, one usually on Saturday and a second one either Sunday or on a weekday. Game days and times vary, and away games may be played anywhere throughout the Pioneer Valley. Seasons run late August through early November and early April through early June. Players are accepted for and expected to commit to both fall and spring seasons, although single season play is sometimes permitted to maintain full rosters.

(5v5) U8=10/11
(7v7) U9=09/10 and U10: 08/09
(9v9) U11: 07/08 and U12: 06/07
(11v11) U13: 05/06 and U14 04/05

Typically, travel fees are about $180 per season, plus a uniform fee (if a uniform is required, +$75). Financial support may be available for children receiving free or reduced school lunches.

Practice Schedules
Travel teams practice two times per week. One of those practices is with the Director of Coaching.

Game Schedules
Available through Roots Soccer League

Fall 2018 Travel Team Information


Grade2Boys: Keith Michel, Coach; Ashley Carter, Assistant Coach
Grade3BoysRED: Keith Payne, Coach
Grade3BoysWHITE: TBD
Grade3Girls: Hallie Hughes/Pater Jacoby, Assistant Coaches; Reisa Alexander, Parent Helper
Grade4BoysRED: Norm Sproehnle, Coach; Deron Estes, Assistant Coach
Grade4BoysWHITE: Desmond Fitz-Gibbon, Coach
Grade4Girls: Ed Melia, Coach, Harijap Fuller, Assistant Coach
Grade5BoysRED: Jon Wooley, Coach; David Schmidt, Assistant Coach
Grade5BoysWHITE: Jared Millay, Coach; Kim Nedeau, Assistant Coach
Grade5Girls: Joey Melendez, Coach; Jason Skeels, Assistant Coach; Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Parent Helper
Grade6BoysRED: Chris Eggemeier, Coach; Dennis Geockel, Assistant Coach; Tom Weston, Parent Helper
Grade6BoysWHITE: Jaya Boerman, Coach; Peter Marvin, Parent Helper
Grade6Girls: Kim Nedeau, Coach; Lisa Zephyr, Parent Helper
Grade7Boys: Mara Kaplan Hahn, Coach; Jaime Pinero, Assistant Coach; Deron Estes, Parent Helper
Grade8Boys: Dennis Goeckel, Coach; Jaya Boerman, Assistant Coach
Grade7/8 Girls: Khalid Elkalai, Coach; Alfie Alschuler, Assistant Coach